How does RU-21 work?

RU-21 supports the body’s natural ability to metabolize alcoholic beverages. When taken with alcohol, the natural ingredients in RU-21 support alcohol metabolism by slowing down the process of ethanol oxidation into toxic byproducts which occur with alcohol consumption. RU-21 aids the body’s digestive system by supporting the decomposition of alcohol’s digestive byproducts into acetic acid, water and carbon dioxide.

How do I take RU-21?

RU-21 is formulated to support the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol, which means interfering in a metabolic process. Therefore, for best results it is important that you take RU-21 at the time of alcohol consumption.

Take two pills before your first alcoholic drink, and two pills after your last drink. However, because individual metabolisms vary, modifications of these directions are acceptable. In studies, 1 tablet per 2 drinks was shown sufficient for most males and 1 per drink for most females.

Does RU-21 contain any stimulants?

No. RU-21 does not contain any stimulants.

When should I use RU-21?

It is a good idea to ALWAYS use RU-21 when consuming alcohol. Studies link even moderate drinking to life-threatening diseases. This is why it is very important to always keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and supplement it with food and vitamins. RU-21 is not intended to protect the body from EXCESSIVE alcohol consumption, which should always be avoided.

Will RU-21 prevent intoxication?

RU-21 will NOT reduce the level of intoxication or the feeling of intoxication. Simply put, when you drink alcohol and use RU-21, you may still get “buzzed”. However, RU-21 helps the body eliminate alcohol-related toxins that affect important body functions and the way you feel in the morning.

Can alcohol be beneficial for health?

Some people do choose to enjoy certain health benefits from alcohol; for example, it is widely believed that the Resveratrol and other antioxidants in red wine may help protect against certain diseases. To enhance any health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, many people choose to take RU-21 so they can enjoy the positive benefits of alcohol consumption while protecting their bodies from any toxic effects. RU-21 enables legal drinking-aged adults to enjoy alcohol moderately and responsibly by boosting the natural ability of the human body to effectively metabolize alcohol.

What is moderate drinking?

Public health experts define moderate drinking as one alcoholic beverage a night for women and two-to-three alcoholic beverages a night for men.
Why do some people process alcohol differently?

Women possess less of the necessary enzymes for alcohol metabolism, and are more prone to the toxic byproducts of alcohol than men. Some ethnic groups, such as Asians and Native Americans, also possess less of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol than other groups.

What is the origin of RU-21?

RU-21 was created by a group of scientists at the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian counterpart of the National Academy of Sciences in the US) under the lead of a renowned Russian scientist, Prof. Eugene Mayevsky