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We are the largest seller of RU21 in the UK and Europe.

We’ve been doing this for many years and we have 1000’s of satisfied customers.

Our aim is to ship products out as quickly as possible – 95% of the orders go out on the day they are received.

We can supply larger quantities so please do contact us if you wish to purchase in bulk.RU-21 is a revolutionary dietary supplement for consumers of alcohol.

The History:

RU-21 also known as the ‘KGB Pill’ is a safe and effective dietary supplement for consumers of alcohol developed by scientists at the Russian Academy of Science over the course of a 25 year long research project.

Sales throughout the world are now reaching record levels. Already a hit in America RU-21 is now a worldwide phenomenon! Shortly after the initial market tests monthly sales figures of RU-21 in South Korea alone topped $2.5 million.

RU-21 is an all-natural supplement that has been shown to regulate alcohol metabolism in order to prevent alcohol-related damage to the vital organs of the body. RU-21 was developed by the scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences in the course of a 25 year-long research project studying alcohol metabolism.

Following its U.S. launch in 2003 RU-21 received coverage in hundreds of leading newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations in well over 100 countries, becoming the world’s most publicized dietary supplement.

Naturally, success of RU-21 resulted in dozens of copycat products being rushed to market. Many of them blatantly deceive consumers by claiming superior efficacy because of a number of added ingredients.

The truth is that adding a bunch of extra ingredients, even if they have demonstrated benefits of their own, DOES not automatically enhance the formula that has a specific biochemical purpose. If it did, why not use multivitamins for every need?

In fact, adding ingredients that have no history of clinical testing on account of interaction with alcohol may result in an adverse biochemical reaction that could cause significant harm to a consumer.

RU-21 is a product of many years research. Its proven efficacy rests on synergistic effects of carefully combined ingredients in meticulously calculated amounts.